Cheated Out Of Love chords - Kitty Wells Chords

Cheated Out Of Love chords

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            Recorded by Kitty Wells
Written by Johnnie Masters 

G                     C
Cheated out of living cheated out of love
   G                                   D7
My heart was so lonely lonely for your love
    G                        C
You trampled on my heart and turned my love away
     G                    D7                G
They say that every heart will have a lucky day

C                       G
Cheated out of love you starved my lonely heart
    D7                           G
You cheated with your kisses you made the teardrops start
C                            G
You walked right over me but honey that's okay
  D7                                  G
I hope to find someone and live again someday

I tried so hard to please you I didn't mean no harm
    G                                           D7
But you wouldn't love me you drove me from your arms
G C You thought you were so pretty you flirted all the time G D7 G I had to stand and watch you I nearly lost my mind Repeat #2