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Making Believe chords

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Recorded by Kitty Wells
Written by Jimmy Work

(NC)Making be-[A] lieve, [D] that you still [A] love me
It's leaving [E] me alone and so [A] blue
But I'll always dream, [D] still I'll never own [A] you
Making be-[E] lieve, it's all I can [A] do.

Can't hold you [E] close when you're not [A] with me
You're somebody's [E] love, you'll never be [A] mine
Making believe, [D] I'll spend my [A] lifetime
Loving [E] you, making be-[A] lieve.

Making believe that I never lost you
But my happy hours, I find are so few
My plans for the future will never come true
Making believe, what else can I do.