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Broken Marriage Vows chords

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            Broken Marriage Vows as recorded by Kitty Wells

Intro (A) (E) (B7) (E) – Follow pattern of last line in chorus*

(E) I got the letter darling read it (A) o'er and o'er a-(E)-gain

You (B7) say that you are really sorry (E) now

After all the time I suffered, you (A) asked me to come (E) back

Married (A) vows that were for-(E)-gotten you are (B7) just recalling (E) now

(E) Marriage vows forgotten is a (A) bet you'll have to (E) pay

For I (B7) realize that I can never want you (E) now

I thought at first I couldn't live with-(A)-out you being a-(E)-round

*But (A) you're the one, I'm (E) not to blame for (B7) broken marriage (E) vows

Instrumental Break – Follow pattern of last line in chorus*
(E) I've forgiven you my darling prayed that (A) God would do the (E) same Was be-(B7)-fore him that we made our every (E) vow I must say I'll always love you you're my (A) choice of all the (E) rest And I'm (A) glad the vows you've (E) broken, you've at (B7) last remembered (E) now Repeat Chorus and end