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Matthew Twenty-four chords

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Recorded by Kitty Wells
Words and music by Lonnie Glosson

I [D] believe the time is coming
For the [G] Lord to come a-[D] gain
I believe the end is nearing ev'ry [A7] door
I be-[D] lieve the good old Bible
>From [G] beginning to the [D] end
Just compare today with [A7] Matthew twenty-[D] four

[D] We are living, surely living
In the [G] days He speaks a-[D] bout
All of these we now are having every [A7] day
Let's be [D] ready for His coming
Let us [G] meet Him with a [D] shout
For He tells us in His [A7] word to watch and [D] pray.

While upon the Mount of Olives
His disciples came to Him
Saying: "Tell us when these things are going to be."
Jesus answered: "Be ye watching;
Let ev'ryone be free from sin And take heed no man shall ever ye deceive." CHORUS